Students Read Poems at Open Mic

 On Oct. 31,  the media center was open to all members of the Blake community to observe performances from Creative Writing students in their “Golden Mic” show. The purpose of “Golden Mic” is to give students an opportunity to share their creativity.  “Golden Mic is a safe place for everyone at Blake High School to share their world,” stated senior Deajh White.

During 6th period lunch, students, many of whom were Creative Writing majors, were entering the library with enthusiasm. Some students were even intrigued to come during their lunch periods, “I think it’s cool to see people’s personality about their activities,” said Grace Gianakos.

Creative Writing majors are also expected to start performing to get the group going and set the tone for Golden Mic. “We are basically trying to make them feel comfortable,” said Chloe Deshong. The first runner up, Mason, performed a poem called “Summer Time Thoughts”. Everyone, including the school librarian, Mr.Newhouse, performed poetry every chance they got and throughout every performance, the audience gave their full attention.

Many were able to express their individuality and a different side to them. Senior, David Jean, came to the front of the stage with a tense look and stated “I’m just going to explain how and why I dress like a zookeeper every Friday.”  Everyone applauded him for the courage he had to go up the stage and share his life story that led him to the way that he is now. 

After all, “Golden Mic” was a place where students were able to share their stories through creativity. Another one of the audience members, Makaya Ellison stated, “It was good, I liked hearing their creative writings.”