Shh! E-learning in progress

          During Spring Break, Hillsborough County made a call to shut down all of its public schools until Apr. 15, but that soon changed to May 1,  students and their teachers didn’t know what to expect for future learning. On Mar. 30 E-learning officially started and students seem to be having mixed emotions about it.

         While doing online learning some students are feeling there is a major difference in the workload they once received in school versus now. Tori Hester, Junior, says ”Personally it’s more difficult because I feel like they are giving us more assignments to do as though just because we are on quarantine we have nothing else to do.” She adds how balancing schoolwork on top of home life is challenging for her: ”I have a lot of younger siblings living with me right now and I have to teach all of them plus do my work on top of that, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for sleep.”

      On the other hand, some of our peers aren’t feeling the shift as much.  Henry Kanu, a Freshman, says  ”e-learning is fine”. He also says that he doesn’t see ”a difference.” and actually prefers online school than going to school. 

    When asked what would make their experiences better Hester said ”E-learning would be so much better if they didn’t expect so much from us. Lol, we are in a freakin Pandemic.” 

   Students may not be feeling the online pressure as much as others but we all can agree that during this time more patience is required.