The Worthiest Show to Binge-Watch: Good Girls


  On February 26th, 2018, the first episode of the series, Good Girls, debuted. The show did not immediately impress people, but it started to gain a lot of traction after the first year. 

   The plot of the show is of three mothers who are struggling financially, and in a desperate attempt to gain money they rob a convenience store. This one decision leads them down an unexpected trail of disaster. Because they are still parents and wives, they still have to deal with their personal problems as well as the consequences of their robbery.

  The show is a hit with many people because of the variety of interests it speaks to. The main focus points are crime, comedy, and real drama. Though the program sounds like it would have a serious tone, it is a perfect balance between those three genres.

  Being one of the most binge-worthy shows to many people, Good Girls is a must-watch. You can find it on most major streaming platforms including Netflix, Apple TV, YouTube, and more.