To All the Boys I Loved Before Sequel ( P.S I Still Love You)


  One of Netflix’s’ most-watched movies: To All The Boys I Loved Before, has officially come to an end in its trend letting its sequel  “To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You” take over the spotlight. Romance viewers were thrilled with anticipation to continue the sequel of Peter and Laura Jeans’ love story ever since the first movie ended.  Before chapter two begins, it’s time to gather information to avoid any confusion when watching the newest addition. 

In the first movie, Laura Jeans’ love letters are exposed to all her past lovers and when she was confronted by Peter, she gave an ultimate kiss to avoid confrontation from Josh–another past lover who was her best friend. Laura specifically avoided this confrontation to not get in between Josh’s’ and her sister Margot’s’ relationship, yet towards the middle of the movie Josh confronts Laura about the love letter without realizing Margot came back home. After the secret was revealed, Margot was not furious but rather understanding and accepted Laura’s forgiveness. 

With the two sisters at their side, they were able to communicate and situate Laura’s chaos on social media. However, it did not end there, even at school people were accusing Laura of being used by Peter when the video was leaked. Nonetheless, Peter stepped up and made it clear to everybody Laura was not being used by him, the fact that Peter did this gave Laura another reason to love him. 

It was at this point Peter found out he had feelings for Laura even though they were entitled to a “fake relationship”. Their “fake” relationship started only as a way to make Gen (Peter’s ex) jealous, but they both ended up catching feelings for each other. That was just the beginning of their love story, but what the audience doesn’t know is that there is one more guy who did not write Laura Jean back. The only way to find out what happens next is to watch part two on Netflix…