Advice From a Senior

No matter what grade you’re in, it can be scary and confusing trying to figure out goals for yourself. As someone who’s gone through 3/4 of the years, I’m here to offer some help! And for those of you like me who are on your final year, we’re in this together.

Freshman – Make new friends and join clubs!! Making new friends in an
environment like high school seems scary, but after you will notice how easy it is
to meet people! Joining a club helps to get to know more people around your
school, and support your school!

Sophomores: Around your Sophomore year, you should start getting your volunteer hours
for college. A lot of college scholarships would like to see volunteer hours to
show how you helped your community.

Juniors: Get all your requirements done this year to have an easy Senior Year.
Check in with your guidance counselor to see your requirements and see what
you need to do to graduate. Also, figure out what you want to do outside of
school. College? Working? This is the time to start really figuring it out before you start your
senior year.

Seniors: After finalizing what you want to do after this year, relax and
prepare for the next year. But as you’re relaxing don’t forget to not slack off in
your classes. Even if you have everything you need to graduate you should still
show how hard you work in your classes for colleges, or jobs to see