Welcome to the Family Madrigal


November 24, 2021, is the day that Disney Pixar released a movie that showed Columbian Representation around the world.  The movie, which had a full Columbian voice cast, is about a family in Columbia called “The Madrigals”. This family isn’t like any other normal family, each person has a magical gift that is given to them at a young age at their bedroom door. Everyone received a gift, besides the main character Mirabel. In this movie, Mirabel faces challenges to find her gift, find her missing relative, and keep her family from falling apart. 

This movie was created by Charise Castro Smith, Yvett Merino, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Jared Bush, Lin Mandel Miranda, and many more talented people. Lin Mandel Miranda is mostly known for his musicals In the Heights and Hamilton, as well as wrote the popular song from the movie called “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. Charise Castro wrote this movie to show the joys and challenges families face, and how to show people’s perspectives of their families. 

Though this movie was released 5 months ago, it still gains success to this day. The movie won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars this year, stayed on Billboard Charts for  4 months, and is still winning awards to this day. You can watch the movie Encanto in some movie theaters, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and many other streaming platforms.