Is Howl-O-Scream Worth It?

The tons of people that have never experienced an event like Howl-O-Scream, or simply can’t handle the scare, will obviously say it’s not worth it, but others will say it’s one of the scariest places they have ever been. Busch Gardens’s Howl-O-Scream prefers people 18 and up, but younger kids are allowed to attend as well. Those between 13 and 17 really enjoy the jump scares and the horrors. After Howl-O-Scream, you will walk out as a totally different human being. Walking in the dark through the park and being visiting by many frightening figures can be pretty terrifying. Howl-O-Scream is known for their amazing monsters and grim characters. The costumes are so real, it makes you feel like you are actually getting chased by a zombie with a chainsaw. To add to the realism of the event, the actors are permitted to carry fake weapons. Another huge event they have at Howl-O-Scream are the haunted houses. The haunted houses are 10 times worse than the monsters wondering around the campus.

Walking into the haunted house with these monsters only inches away to scare you and even almost touch you. The haunted houses featured at the event are, The Insomnia, Simon’s Slaughterhouse, The Black Spot, Death Water Bayou, Unearthed, and  Motel Hell, starting at 7pm through 1am. But is it experience worth it?

Scare Zones:

This year, Busch Gardens took the spook factor to another level by adding multiple scare zones on the walking path around the park. The scare zones made people wishing they were with there mothers. Walking by and having these killers scare you and chase after you. The zones were, Meat Market, going through all of the meat butchers and scaring you appetite away. These creatures eating humans alive and wanting the visitors to be there next meal. Maniac Midway, is all about the clowns taking over your happiness and turning it into fear at the circus. Deadly Toys, little babies coming to play with the visitors. No need for parents in this zone, they only want your kids. And many more zones that took people’s souls out of their bodies. 

After running through all of the Scare Zones.

Howl O Scream will make sure you go home with nightmares. Halloween is coming up very quickly and we all know on the 31st we might as well consider every neighborhood haunted. If you haven’t tried to attend Howl O Scream, hurry and get your tickets now!

Tickets starting at $39.99

Try to attend to the spooky horror night at Busch Garden in Tampa, Florida. Happy Halloween guys!