The Bobby Brown Story


From the same productions who created the hit show, “The New Edition Story” comes agains to lay down another story maker, the “Bobby Brown Story”. This film was broadcast on the tv channel, BET. Releasing two parts of the movie, giving fans the ability to live through Bobby’s legendary success. The 2018 series was a spin-off from the first story in 2017. This television series had gotten so many views, til this day it is becoming a huge sensation. 

Who is Bobby Brown:

Well if you seen the movie or if you were born in the 1970s, you would definitely know who Bobby Brown was. Bobby knew he was going to become a star at a early age. While growing he understood how the musical industry worked from head to toe. Bobby Brown was in a success group called, New Edition. They started making names for themselves around the age of 12. Especially with their hit singles “Candy Girl” and “Is This the End”. Performing city after city soon becoming a huge sensation. Selling out arenas, performaning places no other group has performed. As the years go by and New Edition was getting a large fan base, someone thought it was time to make a name for himself. Bobby Brown wanted to make sure he has a legacy of his own. Along the way of his huge success Bobby Brown went through some deep trouble. The rest of the group were upset and they even Split ways, and became huge sensations in their own musical ideas. The leading role who played Bobby Brown was Woody McClain.

Bobby Brown had a special glow that no other artist had. He made sure the fans knew what he was going through. He wanted to have the fans to relate to his stories and also make sure that everyone knows that he is better than everyone. During Bobby’s he was going through problems like being in a relationship with the iconic singer, Whitney Houston. Also Secretly dating the iconic pop singer, Janet Jackson. Even the Bobby Brown fans were shocked. No one ever knew Janet and Bobby had a thing. I wonder what Whitney and Michael thought of that? The movie showed the way Bobby lived his life and found success and greatness on the way. The movie strongly shows drug use and sexual activities but the viewers will understand how the relationship of Bobby and Whitney went down. Also the rise to fame after the group broke apart. As a solo artist Bobby gave his fans ultimate glory when it came to the music. During his reign he put out his greatest hits of them all called, “My Prerogative” and “Rock Witcha” and many more. Those singles sold out many records even made it to a platinum stage. When those songs came out everyone knew Bobby was going to become a star on his own. 

Viewers Thoughts:

September 4th was the release of this story. Many viewers hopped on the BET channel as soon as it played. People had all kinds of thoughts about part 1 and part 2 of this amazing film. According to Craig King, “ I grew up listening to Bobby Brown. He opened huge doors for R&B music. No one is compared to him today. I loved the movie. The actors were on point, the setting and the scenes were so creative and amazing.” A man who was born the 1970s and now today was able to see the motions of Bobby Brown’ s career and how it almost came to an end but still a huge success. 

People was tuned in for multiple reasons. His music has been a huge part of black culture and of the R&B culture. Also his love life played a huge part in his career. Fans adored the action of relationships in the film. People were even shocked that Bobby got married. Now ask yourself this question. After seeing the story of Bobby Brown would you date him? His love life, music, and personality all made the movie hundred percent great. 

BET has been having this story on replay for days and it’s still going. If you never seen the New Edition story go watch that and then watch the Bobby Brown story. You will be amazed.