Catching Offset off guard

In this century, music brings people together. When you plug in your headphones and begin to jam to the music, you start to get good vibes and begin to have a open mind and soul. Hip hop is one of the biggest genres of today’s music. Hip hop is great to listen to but people not only listen to hip hop because of the sound, they also listen for the drama or the breaking news containing other rappers.

The hip hop couple that everyone loves might be coming to an end. The hip hop stars Cardi B and one memeber of the rap trio Migos, Offset, have been dating since September of 2017. Ever since the New Year though, the couple has been on a rocking mountain. During a show at the Power 99’s Powerhouse live in Philadelphia, Cardi b and the Migos did a performance together and after the show Offset popped the big question. This question stunned the fans and Cardi B herself. Months have passed and now fans are spectating this couple got in a relationship too quickly.

Last month, a video was leaked online and appeared to be one of the Migos rappers to be in the video with a half naked woman. The half naked woman did not look like Cardi and fans began to catch on very quickly. There were no similarities of the half naked woman and Cardi B. The fans started to gossip about this but many others began to think this was a joke to get the fans talking. Then recently, in January, another video of Offset cheating with a different woman was leaked. Fans were waiting patiently for Cardi and Offset to respond to these allegations. An Instagram post written after the first video leaked has fans thinking she was writing about Offset. Cardi and Offset both still have pictures of each other on their social media accounts but many think they’re still hiding the true facts of these allegations.

A Instagram post from the female rapper, Cardi B on December.31st. Many people are expecting this post was towards the rapper, Offset

Recently, on January 15th, Offset was spotted with a tattoo on his neck. After the all the leaked videos and the suspicious post that Cardi B made, Offset might have won herback by a tattoo of Powerpuff girl Buttercup with the words Cardi B underneath.

Offset now has a tattoo of Cardi B on his neck, representing that he cares about her.

Many students at Blake have been focused on the story, and it’s a regular conversation at the school. Freshman Dominique Mitchell said, “Offset and Cardi are a cute couple, but I feel like he is going to drag Cardi down. Offset cheated on her twice, Cardi should know what that means.”  D’Antay Carson agrees. “I’m more of a Migos fan than a Cardi B fan, but I feel like Offset messed up. You should never cheat on a female especially someone like a Cardi B and I think sooner or later karma is going to come around and hit him hard.”