Spreading Her Wings: Ayr’Reka.G??

Cameron King, Staff Writer

Young Yellow Jacket Rising Up

School just started a month ago and a young Yellow Jacket is already spreading her wings. Coming from Woodmont Middle School and all the way from Atlanta, GA, is a freshmen named Ayr’Reka. G, who is becoming a young star as a singer. Good thing she came to Blake High School for her god given talent. Ayr’Reka. G loved singing ever since she was a little girl but she never knew that her music career would fly off at such a young age. She is currently signed to GROOVE LAND RECORDS. She was signed in the beginning of 2017. You can say 2017 is the year for this awesome bright upcoming star. Miss. G fits in the category of pop music. She is not the typical pop artist like Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande. She is like the iconic artist like Ella Fitzgerald. Listen to Ella Fitzgerald music and then listen to Ayr’Reka G’s. Their unique voices are amazing. She’s not only inspired by Ella Fitzgerald, she’s also inspired by her own grandmother, the one who played Ella Fitzgerald music around the house and caused Ayr’Reka.G to fall in love with the sound. 


Making Moves:

Her first and most popular song is “On My Mind”. Guys you have to listen her voice, she will blow your mind away. When Miss. G finally walked in the studio for the first time to record music, she said, “I felt good and really nervous at the same time. But I realized that everyone has my back, so there is no worries.” She felt the same exact way when she had her first performance. She performs local in Tampa, travels in other cities in Florida, and she travels to different states. The pop star’s recent concert was on September 16th, 2017 live in Connecticut. I bet it’s hard to travel across the world and have to come ready for school but Ayr’Reka.G knows how to keep it all in check. She has an album coming out this fall on iTunes and her album is called, “In2uition”. The album is about how a girl feels or reacts when it comes to hard and challenging situations. Also she tries to motivates young females in her soft sound of music. If you think about it, it seems like she is following the footsteps of artists that started at a young age like, Jaden and Willow Smith, Bow Wow, Romeo, Justin Beiber and many more. But the difference is in my opinion she has a voice of an angel. A friend of Ayr’Reka’s, Miracle Fordom said, “The first time I heard her voice it was amazing. I love the fact that she reaching for the highest and never for the lowest.” Another friend, Indya King, said, ” I was texting Ayr’Reka.G through Snap Chat and since I love to sing also I asked her for some advice. I sung a little snippet of “Pretty Wings” by Mario and she responded with good feedback but when she gave me a little snippet of “If It Isn’t Love” by New Edition, I felled in love with her voice. Now I’m listening to her music like crazy.” This Yellow Jacket is raising the bar to another level. In no time Ayr’Reka.G is going to be the next person you hear on 94.7 the Beat or 95.1. Until then, you can purchase her music on iTunes and also you can listen to a couple songs on SoundCloud. Blake High School is lucky to have an amazing student like Ayr’Reka. G.