Thriving Artist Trevor Jackson


      Trevor Jackson is a 23 year old actor, singer, song writer, and musician. He can be recognized from the Disney film ”Let it Shine” and most recently the hit show ”Grown-ish”.  He debuted as a solo artist in 2013 with his EP ”#NEWTHANG”  and continues to release his own music and self-directed music videos. 

      The Disney star people grew up watching is much different today and is definitely all grown up. Through his music he takes his audience on an emotional roller coaster. His expressive vocals help the song to become a soulful masterpiece. In addition to the music, his creativity and individuality shows in his music videos. Every video is unique from one another and tells a story that engages his viewers attention.  

        People should listen to Trevor Jackson because he is a multi- talented prodigy that is overlooked in the music industry. He proves himself as being different from other artists and takes his music seriously.