Russ: Shaking the Snow Globe


Recently, the hip hop artist Russ dropped his anticipated album called, Shaking the Snow Globe. He dropped his project on Jan. 31st. His fans have been waiting for new music and that’s what he gave. He really delivered on every track on his new album. Russ considers himself more than an ordinary rapper. He strongly believes that he is an outstanding musical artist. Which he is!  He produces, writes, sings, and raps. Most of his songs on his latest album, he literally created the sounds and the beats of almost every record himself. If you check out his Instagram account @russ, you can see how creative and astounding this man is when it comes to making good sounding music. This current album was featuring some good artists like Bugus, Kiana Lede, Bia, and many more. One of his substantial hits on the new album was featured with one of the great rappers of the 2000s, Rick Ross. Russ has been in the rap game for over a decade and has finally reached the point where he can collaborate with big names like Rick Ross. Maybe soon in the future, we will hear a Drake or Travis Scott` collab with Russ. His leading single, Best on Earth featuring Bia has been taking over the radio and has been breaking records. 

Many rap artists nowadays are all about the money and the numbers they make, but not Russ. Russ is all about making real influential music for his fans. He doesn’t care about having the number one song in the world or having his songs on repeat on radio stations.

The upcoming tour dates!

As long as his fans are supporting his drive for making great music, he will continue to keep making amazing music. Russ’s music is not all about money and sex, it’s about things like how to fix a relationship or he talks about his relationship with his mother. His music touches people’s hearts and souls. On this particular album, Russ switched it upon his fans. One song he sings soft and touches your soul and then on the next track he raps uncontrollably fast and sounds amazing. In my opinion, I rate this album out of five stars. I just loved the way he delivered his bars throughout the whole album. I really hope I can go to his concert in May and rap my heart out. 

Russ will soon be going on an upcoming tour starting May.1 2020. He will be coming to Miami in three months. Go get your tickets now before it too late. Don’t want to miss a live performance of Russ performing his greatness upon that stage.