Remembering Dorothy York

Dorothy Carter York was a former Hillsborough County School teacher. She then progressed to have a pre-k through 8 magnet school named after her located in the Waterset. Before her unfortunate passing on July 29th, 2012, she was a dedicated English teacher for 45 years at Blake High School and then at Hillsborough High School. She was also a great writer and author who influenced students, adults, and especially, her daughter, Liz York-Cohen.

Mr.Gordon, the current Journalism teacher at Blake High School, was a student of Mrs.York in the 1980s at Hillsborough High School. He stated that Mrs.York was a teacher who inspired him to write confidently and passionately. “She influenced me greatly and I hope one day I can be half the teacher she was,” says Mr.Gordon. Her actions and attitude towards her students showed what a loving and caring teacher she was, and it is quite clear she had a major influence on their lives.