Top 10 Rappers of 2019

The hottest hip hop stars, ranked by Blake’s own students


Hip hop has been a huge genre in the music industry for many generations. Especially nowadays, Hip hop attracts so many kids and young adults. This year has been the year for newcomers and great artists. The billboard hot 100 charts have been praising these rappers for their great content and their amazing musicality when it comes to giving their fans what they want. We asked Blake students to list their top 10 favorite rap artists of the marvelous year of 2019. Here are the top 10 rappers of 2019, according to Blake students.


Lil Nas X: The rapper Lil Nas X has been trending on social media ever since the hit single, ” Old Town Road” landed on the charts. The song came out at the beginning of 2019. Ever since the song came out it has been topping the charts and has been getting huge recognition. The song was so trendy and popular that he called up the country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus to make a remix of the song- which made the song even bigger. So much so that the song was number one on the charts for 17 weeks. That equals up to four in a half months. It was very shocking for a new artist like Lil Nas X to have his first song hit number one. During his reign of being number one, he released his debut album on June 21, 2019. The album did great numbers on the charts as well. He is still a hot topic in the music industry today and he is dropping fantastic songs like “Panini” and “Rodeo”.


Tyga: Tyga is already a well-known superstar in the rap industry. He has been around for almost ten years. He was formally apart of the huge rap group called Young Money Cash Money, but due to a couple of decisions that were made Tyga fell out of the group. At that time his music wasn’t doing so well without the rap group so he took a break from the studio, but in late 2018 and early 2019, he started to get his shine back. He came back with a summer hit called, “Taste” featuring Offset. This song was being played all around the world. Once this came out everyone knew Tyga was officially back from the silence. Taste peaked at number 7 on the hot 100. Many other songs he came out with were called, “Dip” featuring Nicki Minaj. A couple of months later, he dropped his welcome back album called, ” Legendary” which came out June 7th, 2019.


City Girls: Yung Miami and JT have been taking over the rap scene since 2017. The girls have a large group of teen fans and so many people are in love with them. Their shine didn’t come in until mid-2018 and early 2019. Every artist wanted the City Girls on their track. The girl duo was finally put on the radio when their song, ” I Take Your Man” came out on May 11th, 2018 which is when their fame started taking off. Their music has been taken by storm. Many parents do not approve their kids listening to their naughty music, but that doesn’t stop the kids from jamming to their hits. Especially Blake High School students. Other hits they’ve brought to the table was, “Twerk” featuring Cardi B which made number 11 on the Hot 100 and “Act Up” which made number 22. What had also helped them to stardom was being apart of a Drake hit single, “In My Feelings”. They were apart of the music video and Drake mentioned one of the members in the song. In the song, he said, ” JT do you, love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me.” 


NBA Youngboy: NBA Youngboy has been releasing new music this year. NBA Youngboy was first known as a SoundCloud rapper and then after he dropped songs like, ” Outside, No Smoke”, “Untouchable”, and “Murda Gang”, he has gotten more viewers. Recently, he just released his new album called,” Al Youngboy 2″. This art piece came out on October 11th, 2019. Many Blake students are walking around the halls calling his album, “Straight fire”.  NBA Youngboy has been compared to other rappers like A Boogie, NLE Choppa, Roddy Rich, YK Osiris, and other new talent rappers. 


Meghan: Are people calling her the princess of rap? Meghan has been referred to as the top female rapper of 2019. Currently, she has two trending songs called, “Cash” featuring Dababy and “Hot Girl Summer” Featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Nicki Minaj. Meghan was known for wanting to collab with all the female rappers in the music industry. This summer of 2019, she leads a trending hashtag called, Hot Girl Summer. It became worldwide. Her Instagram videos went viral and so did her songs. Many people are surprised that she is actually a college student. A college student and a new hot rapper? She recently just hopped on a track with the famous rapper Gucci Mane called, “Big Booty”. Meghan Thee Stallion first hit on the scene was in 2018 when she came out with her mixtape. And the most trending song on the album was called, “Big Ole Freak”. And the Blake students love it.


Lil Baby: The rapper has been taking over the radio by storm. Ever since he came on the scene, many teen fans have been blasting his music. In late 2018, the rapper dropped his first hit song called, “Drip Too Hard” featuring Gunna. This song became a trending sensation and everyone was blasting this on their radio. He then dropped another song called, “Close Friends”. This is when everyone knew that Lil Baby was going to be headlining shows and concerts. The rapper is known for his auto-tune and in today’s hip hop, mumble and autotune rappers are the ones who are selling out arenas. Lil Baby became a trending rapper so quickly he was even praised by the iconic rapper, Drake. Drake helped Lil Baby boost up his ratings by collaborating with him on a hit song, ” Yes Indeed” featuring Drake. The song lasted at number 6 on the charts. He is still to this day making trending songs and great hits and we are looking forward to Lil Baby’s amazing music.


Dababy: Everyone is saying that this superstar has been releasing nothing but hit songs. His first hit song was club-worthy. He created a song that had the world on their feet. The song that put the rapper, Dababy on the map was his hit song, “Suge”. This song came out at the beginning of 2019 on April 23rd and it still till this day is selling records. This song made everyone get up and dance and show off their amazing moves. Many people started recognizing his talents and he began to hop on everyone’s tracks. Like Lil Nas X remix to his hit song, ” Panini” and Post Malone’s song, “Enemy” and many other songs. A couple of months ago, he released his 1st debut album called, “Kirk”.  His album was released on September 27, 2019, and the song ” INTRO” became a hitmaker. To this day the talented rapper is still making hits and setting top records in hip hop. 


Lizzo: Here’s a talented singer/ rapper. Yes, I said it, a singer and rapper. Most people get confused when they refer to Lizzo as a rapper or a singer. In most of her songs, she sings and raps. Lizzo said it herself that she considers herself as a musical artist. Currently, as we speak, Lizzo is the main topic in music. Her most famous song is called, Truth Hurts which was released back in 2017. Two years later, her hit masterpiece comes back crawling back up on the charts. Two months later Lizzo had beat out Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello for the number one spot. She was number one for seven weeks straight. Now she is one of the female rappers to ever have a solo number-one single. Linking up with Cardi B “Bodak Yellow” (2018) and Lauryn Hill “Doo Wop” (1998). Getting that kind of recognition is not an overnight task. She even has a song called “Good As H***”, that is also pushing up the charts right now.  Her music is all about self- love and never giving up on your goals. The students at Blake love listening to her amazing voice and powerful messages. On December 1, 2019, Lizzo was even in Tampa for Jingle Ball, which had many Blake students thrilled. Many people are expecting great things for Lizzo in 2020. Maybe another album… 


Drake: Everyone knows his face when they see it. For the last three years, Drake has been dominating the hip hop industry. Hits after hits after hits. Everyone is saying that it is time to consider Drake as a legend. Do you guys agree? Drake has opened up doors for many rappers and obviously, you can’t get enough of Drake. Right now Drake has a trending song with Chris Brown called, “No Guidance”. This single was apart Chris Brown’s album, “Indigo” that came out the summer of 2019. And that song became the song of the summer. Many people say any song Drake hops on is a hit. The real question is, why Drake is number 2 in Blake’s list? There was one other rapper that one-upped Drake this year. Many students thought Drake couldn’t touch this rapper. 


Post Malone: Post Malone is Blake High school’s number one pick. This year was the year for Post Malone. His music improved and always had the whole school jumping on their feet. This year Post Malone had a number one album called, “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. It was released on September 6th. And songs like, “Wow”, “Sunflower” featuring Swae Lee, “Enemies” featuring Dababy and his number two song on the Billboard charts right now, “Circles” and many more. Post Malone’s music is very motivating and touching. His music keeps the young people pumped and excited. Everyone is expecting great things when he announces that he is dropping a new single. We as a school are excited and proud to say that Post Malone is the best rapper of 2019. But the question can contain that status. 

Here are the honorable mentions that other students said did well this year that didn’t make the list:

  1. Travis Scott
  2. Chance The Rapper 
  3. Tyler The Creator 
  4. Nipsey Hussle 
  5. Cardi B 
  6. Meek Mill 
  7. Kanye West 
  8. Tory Lanez
  9. Blueface
  10. 21 Savage 
  11. Swae Lee
  12. Big Sean
  13. Young M.A
  14. Young Thug
  15. J. Cole