Blake is Haunted…Or is it?

            It’s that time of year again- scary season. Blake’s own yellow jackets have some ghost stories to tell about their very own school. Ghost stories of hauntings and even death are engraved into the school’s own urban legends.

            Rumor has it that there are a multitude of dead bodies buried in the very same ground that our school stands on. According to students, the school was actually home to a hospital. Our very own cafeteria was the morgue.

            Sadly- most of these rumors aren’t true.

            Yes, there used to be a hospital on these same grounds, but other than that, the ghost tales just aren’t true.

            Ms. Jennings has a long history with Blake. Currently, she’s the vice president of the PPA. She’s very well-versed in our school’s history.

            Jennings can assure you that this school isn’t haunted.

            “That’s totally incorrect…everything is just legends.”

            According to her, virtually none of the rumors hold any substance in a historical context. The morgue wasn’t even in the same location as the cafeteria. Although the hospital did have a morgue, no bodies were buried anywhere near where our high school stands today.

            However, more recently, there have been a few odd deaths that happened at this high school.

            Once, a woman had a heart attack in the media center. She died later at the hospital. However, that is more of a sad story than a scary one.

            Also, a teacher died at a pep rally once. This incident occurred many years ago.

            These deaths aren’t really scary, or suggest that the school is haunted. They haven’t really cemented themselves into the school’s folklore- which is okay.  

            While joking about the school’s haunted hospital is okay- the rumors shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Of course, a little scary story doesn’t hurt anyone… so enjoy any Blake ghost stories you may have. They just probably aren’t all that true.