Football Season Kickoff

As the talk of the 2022-2023 school year buzzed around, so did the talk of the upcoming sports season. More particularly, the football season.

The Blake High School football team is known not only for its bold yellow and black colors – but also for its bold skills on the field. From the speedy runner backs making their way to the end zone to the strong-armed quarterbacks throwing bullets across the field. “TOUCHDOWN YELLOWJACKETS!” is heard booming across the stadium.  Chants flying into the crowd, from the yellow-jacket cheerleaders. A perfect Friday night ends with a win and happy players.

Although the yellow jackets haven’t started off the year so great, with a 2-0 winning streak, the year is just starting. “Yes losing does make us upset, but it also makes us work harder. It shows us what we need to focus on as a team, and it helps the players notice what areas they need to work on within themselves.” Rick Cowans, the Blake high school football coach states.

Not only are the football players/ coaches excited about the upcoming football season, but so are the staff members. “I’m excited for what’s next, I heard nothing but good things from the students last year, so I’m stoked to see what they bring this year!” Ms.Cole, an English teacher here at Blake brags.  The Blake schedule is weekly, with the next game being against the Leto Falcons. We are all rooting for you Yellow Jackets!