The Struggle With High Gas Prices


Recently, the events with Russia and Ukraine have affected U.S. citizens in ways they
might not have seen coming. Gas has skyrocketed to unbelievable prices.
To many locals, it felt like a feverish dream to see they had to pay almost four dollars
for gas. Kalliyah Blue, grade 11, says “I think they should lower the
prices. This would affect different areas of people’s lives
because some people can’t afford to pay for gas every day”.

The price surge can affect people from middle to low-class families. Yamill Nuñez,
grade 12, stated that it “will definitely hit low-income homes the hardest”.

Since there is no telling how soon the prices will go back down to normal, people have
been trying to find ways to save their money and gas. Yamill added, “their best chance
is to ration and opt out of pricey options, like take-out or Ubers”.
Americans have been longing for a change and hoping by the time the current events
transpire, they will have some relief.