Humans of Blake: Who is Cee’cee Créal?


      Most know that Blake brims high with talented peers and bright futures. Cee’cee Créal, junior, is an example of just how gifted students here are. 

   Cee’cee is a guitar major and is very passionate about her craft. Since third grade, she has felt an unexplainable connection to playing guitar. 

   ”I realized I had an interest in guitar when, one day my class was in music and my teacher, Mr. Davis, put a set of instruments in front of each of us and we rotated through the room getting to play each instrument. Guitar was my last rotation instrument. The second I picked it up, I knew I wanted to play guitar and I was asked if I would like join the after school guitar lessons.” 

   Throughout the years, Cee’cee has spent her free-time practicing. Many opportunities for her to showcase her abilities have come along and she has made sure to not let the chances go to waste. 

   ”I play… for elementary, middle, high school concerts, and church.” She also says, ”it’s something I want to continue.’’

   During the interview, she mentioned that she still wants to play in the future as a backup plan or a hobby. She expressed that her main interest is editing and making videos. 

   ”I’m an editor, meaning  I put clips together or tell a story (like a movie). I started this also in elementary (fifth grade). I would watch videos on Youtube and think, ‘I could do better’. ”

   One thing that is constant about her is her drive. Because of this, her Youtube channel is doing well and has now hit 1,000 subscribers. 

   “Go above and beyond. Learn more. Don’t stay on class level. Teach yourself.’’