Almost time to leave the hive


Senior Ivy Mitchell is excited to begin the next chapter of her life post graduation. By: Isley Mitchell

 Winter break has officially come to an end meaning it is now time for Seniors to step up and get in their hustle mode within the next few months. It is the time of season that Seniors are feeling anxious about the end of high school and are preparing for their future. These upcoming months consist of pressure and stress but also some great activities students only get to experience in their Senior year, such as grad bash, prom, and graduation.  

Although It is known that during second semester the hassle begins, Seniors like Johncarlo Garibaldi had a different opinion about Senior year than most, “Senior year has made me a more responsible person and it matured me a lot, it has been a relaxing year compared to the rest of the grade levels'”. However, Senior Ivy Mitchell said otherwise, “It’s very stressful because there’s a lot of things you have to do and a lot of things you have to pay for”.

Even though some Seniors are not going through a hard time like others, there is still one thing they all share in common: the anticipation for Graduation. The day that Seniors receive their diploma for completing high school is the day that they are in relief. “It’s the one thing that pushes me every day because I don’t want to be here anymore,” says Ivy Mitchell. 

Not to mention, It is never too soon to start looking forward to life post-graduation ” I have been looking at schools and websites in preparation after graduation ” says Johncarlo Garibaldi, after all, it is almost time to say ‘Goodbye’ to Senior year and ‘Hello’ to adulthood. These last few months will be a rollercoaster of experiences for Seniors but getting through their final third and fourth quarters will all be worth it.