How students really feel about the PSAT

Student taking a test, sourced from:, by Alexander Redmon

                       One of the things that students dread daily, is taking a test. Whether you fail it or not, there is always that nerve-wracking feeling that sinks in as you’re bubbling in “B” for the fifth time in a row. On Oct. 16th, students from 9th through 11th grade took a test that will determine if they are eligible for the National Merit Scholarship. This test is called the PSAT; a trademark of the College Board. The PSAT offers students to enter the National Merit Scholarship program if they meet the requirements, however, the PSAT only takes into consideration the scores of juniors. Nonetheless, freshmen and sophomores should still try their best when taking the PSAT. Students in the lower classes who take this test use it to prepare for their junior year. For first-timers, like freshmen, Anesthesha Nicolas stated: “I feel excited and pressured because I don’t know what to expect.” Indeed, the PSAT is an experience they get for the first time. Some who are taking it for the last time had something to say about it too. Sincere Cutts, a Junior, advised “Just don’t do badly on the test”, it may seem like a simple test that is being taken but for others like Litzi Chavez,  “you need to study hard to be prepared on the day of the test”.