Mr. Young leaves the hive


If things have felt a bit unusual around Blake, it’s probably due to the absence of Mr. Young. A favorite assistant principle among students, Mr. Young was often seen among the students enforcing school policies. Yet a sad February Friday was his last day here at Blake after two years. 

Mr. Young isn’t going to be an AP that won’t be remembered here at Blake. His passionate involvement in the wellbeing of students has earned him a legacy here in the “hive”. ” I want to be remembered for having compassion, being able to relate to all kids, not just specific subgroups”, said Mr. Young on his legacy. Another big aspect of Young’s legacy is his fairness. He was the type of AP to work with all teachers and students. 

Although some students may resent Assistant Principals, Mr. Young always had the students best interest at heart. “You might not have liked everything that I’ve done,” Mr. Young tells, “but you know why I did it and it was fair.”

Blake won’t be the last high school to experience Mr. Young as an AP. Now, he’s an AP for Plant City High School. He accepted the offer to work there because it’s much closer to his house. While Blake was a whopping 45 minutes away from where Young lives, Plant City is only 5. Blake will always have a special place in Mr. Young’s heart. He hopes to return for the staff vs students basketball game as well as the 2021 graduation, the class that were freshmen the same year he first started.

Mr. Young will always be remembered as an AP who made a positive impact on the Blake community. Yet this is not the last you’ll hear of Mr. Young. The inquisitive staff of The Jacket will be following Mr. Young as he navigates life as an AP at Plant City High School.