Athletes vs Teachers


The question “Should athletes get paid more than teachers?” has been a major topic of discussion. Many people have been debating on this topic for many years and it took a while for this change to be even thought about. There are a lot of high paid occupations in America: doctor, police officer, lawyer, entrepreneurs, athletes, and more. You know what job doesn’t get a huge pay roll that people are willing to fight for?  Being a teacher. Teaching requires tons of studies and so many years in college. Multiple teachers feel like they should get paid close to or as much as athletes. 

Are Athletes Better?

Being an athlete takes a lot of dedication and a driven mind to be the best. Many people fail to realize that it is not easy to be a professional player of any sport. Famous athletes like Stephen Curry, Russell Wilson, Lebron James, James Harden, and more get paid millions of dollars just to play a three to a five hour game once or twice a week. Players like them have gotten tons of television time because of their awesome skills on the court or field. Any kind of player of any sport really has to put their life into their career. They have to put their blood, sweat, and tears into their craft. People will obviously say athletes should get paid more because of the fact that they get more television time and will be judged more on their whereabouts. 

How do Teachers Feel?

Teachers across the district have been wanting a change in the system. For the last couple years, the people have been calling for equal rights for teachers. Majority of the teachers have been wondering why other occupations get paid thousands and possibly millions more than teachers receive on a daily basis. Teachers do more than just walk around the classroom and grade papers. According to one of the reading teachers here at Blake, Ms. Ionas says, “I work almost nine hours daily. When I go home I do nothing but grade my student’s work. Sometimes sadly, I even have to spend time at my house calling student’s parents just in case if anything happened at school. Even some things I do outside of school depends on my job like, workshops and extra meetings.” Teachers are more than just people that teach kids. Teachers go through all kinds of hindrances to make sure students across the world get the education they need to be successful in life. Sometimes the teachers even try to attempt to bend the rules so everyone can feel comfortable in the classroom. Teachers try so hard to not fuss about the pay but they are getting to the point where enough is enough. Don’t get anything wrong, teachers teach kids because they love their job. They have been accomplishing everything to do what they love. Teachers know that sometimes their will be problems in the classroom, but they do their best to prevent any dangerous habits. 

Teachers Made Athletes

If you sit down and think about it, teachers made the upcoming athletes and the famous ones you see now today. Without teachers how will they understand how much stamina they need to make a shot or a touchdown? Without teachers how can the players record the points that the team has earned? Without teachers motivating them to achieve good grades they wouldn’t have been able to get accepted to the junior and varsity team of the their high school and college. Teachers built sport players. I hope anyone doesn’t think that Michael Jordan just decided to become the best basketball player of the century. The story that was never told that, the teachers helped Jordan become the best man he can ever be. And he showed that all on the court. So teachers are never against athletes, they help and guide them to a amazing life. When teachers say they deserve a better pay, they really mean that from the heart. It’s not because of jealousy or the greediness, it’s all about helping generation after generation. Many people dream about being the best basketball player or the next David Beckham but many also dream about being the best math teacher, or even a principal of their own school.