Blake Idol ?

Here at Blake high school, they have hosted the 2018 Blake Idol. Blake Idol is basically a spin off version of the hit television show, American Idol. All of the students were able to sign up to perform. They had options to sing alone or in a group.  It was a competitive competition and whoever won got $100. This fundraiser had judges there to cast in their votes. Tons of students watched and were apart of this moment and said Blake Idol was an amazing experience. The judges that were able to cast in their votes voted for Britney Cannon for 1st place, and the runner-ups were tied were, James Cole and Khaleb Roberts. Critics Choice: Grace Gianakos. The chorus major, Ayr’Reka Gilghrest said,     ” It was a good experience, I felt like it was a big step toward me actually feeling comfortable in my own skin. It has also boosted my confidence up. Without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever been involved in”.  The students and viewers are getting a good impact when the chorus program holds fundraisers like this Blake Idol.

One of the contestants attending Blake Idol

The next performance is the fall concert that is set to date on October.4th.2018. But stay tuned for the concert near Christmas time. At Blake Idol  they have raised around $600. If the can raise that much for Blake idol, no telling what can happen for other performances. The program really is trying to branch of their skin. So having many fundraisers to support the chorus community is really inspired. For others that want to donate to the chorus program they accept checks, money orders, and actual cash. Come visit Blake High school concerts to support the whole crew.