Let the Homecoming Games Begin??


Homecoming is right around the corner and it is time for enjoy the night. High school is very competitive when it comes to sports, but also one of the most competitive activities is running for homecoming court. Homecoming is meant for enjoying high school and the celebration of a new school year. All grades are invited to homecoming. All grades were able to run for court, all students had the choice to battle it out for homecoming night. All that is left is to wait, as the due date to enter was on Friday, September 21st, 2018.

Now here are the 2018 homecoming nominees. 

Looking back at the 2017 homecoming day, knowing this year is going to be so much better.

2018 Homecoming Nominees: 

This is the freshmen’s first year in high school. This will be their very first homecoming and probably not the last. These freshmen will make sure they will show out better than anyone else. Whoever is running, will they show out enough to win the competition?

Female Countess:

  1. Ashley Enriquez 
  2. Ju’nelle Miller
  3. Jaida Farris 
  4. Alyssa Ryan
  5. Alexis Smith 
  6. Paige Allen 

Male Count:

  1. Alex McIlroy
  2. Titus Woods

This is the Sophomores second year in high school. If they didn’t run or go to homecoming next year, they made a big mistake. The stakes are higher now as the grade levels up. Sophomores now know what to do and how to do it so she/he can capture the victory this year. 

Female Duchess:

  1. Carolina Hedger 
  2. Helena Chamber 
  3. Ava Kane 
  4. Adell Davis 
  5. Kayl Ward

Male Duke:

1. Travis Smith 

The juniors are familiar on how the games goes. These 11th graders are only here to have some fun and to show their royalty. Theses numerous juniors are going for one of the biggest crowns here at Blake High School. Who will be Crown Prince and Princess? 

(Female) Princess:

 Taylor Salter-Smith 

  1. Kalena Slater
  2. Synaa Colon
  3. Keymari Flemister 
  4. Aakilah Wilson 
  5. Fidela Velez-Guzman 
  6. Alexandra Prevalt 
  7. Isabella Romera 

(Male) Prince:

  1. Dylan Picquet

Now it’s time for what everyone has been waiting for. These nominees are nominated for the highest of the highest. Walking through Blake halls for four years, shows a lot of gratitude. They all should be honored for their accomplishments as a yellow jacket, but only one can win. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the senior nominations for Homecoming King and Homecoming  Queen. 

Homecoming Queen:

  1. Britney Cannon 
  2. Marissa White 
  3. Courtney Brown 
  4. Jor’Dayn Walker 
  5. Savannah Watson 
  6. Amanda Macchiarola 

Homecoming King: 

  1. Wayne Mitchell-Striker 
  2. Dakota Olson 
  3. Rufus Delvalle
  4. Niyel Browne 
  5. Jospeh Hamlet 

Here are your 2018 homecoming nominations. 9th grade through 12th grade. These finalists will find their way to stay on top of the voting poll. No telling what they will do to make you cast in your votes for them. Maybe bribing you with cupcakes or maybe even using their charm to make you cast in your votes. You are able to vote for your class grade and homecoming king and queen on Edsby. Good luck to all the nominees and let the games begin.