Prepare for the Buccaneers !


The new season of NFL is getting closer by the day. Everyone has been sitting and waiting for the NFL football schedule to come out so they can root and cheer for their favorite teams. Many has been making bets and gambling on who will be taking the trophy in 2019 this season. Last year, the Philadelphia Eagles took the victory but a lot of people are debating and saying, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might take the stand on the field this year. The preseason has been going on since, Thursday night, August.9th.2018. 

Week 1

The very first week of the preseason the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, made a huge victory. Bouncing back from their downfalls from the last couple seasons, the Bucs might can have a good record this season. On August 9th, The Tampa Bay team went against the Miami dolphins and showed out. Everyone knows that the Dolphins are able to put on a show, but on this preseason night you can the Bucs blew the dolphins out of the water, though it was very close game.

The ending score of Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Miami Dolphins 26pts – 24 pts Just winning by two points lets the fans know that they are eager to make successful wins in the 2018-2019 football season. The Bucs started off with a touchdown in the First quarter and the Dolphins landing a field goal in the first. With both teams landing touchdowns each quarter, it began to be a highly close game. Tampa finally was able to snatch the victory away from the Dolphins. Winning their first game of the preseason. According to a Blake student, Kia Vinson said “I don’t really have nothing against them. They have a really good quarterback, he’s always in trouble though. My dad is a fan so I kinda have to be a fan.” The Bucs army really have expanded in the Tampa Bay Area. According to another fan,“ The Buccaneers gotten way better than the previous years. I’m a huge fan of the Bucs, mainly because they are in my hometown. They are going to the Super Bowl this year.” Seeing the growth on the field is amazing. People have been gambling and debating to see if the super bowl will be set for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Week 2

Week 2 of the NFL preseason, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went against the Tennessee Titans. Once again the Bucs proved the nation that it is their time to dig up the gold. The official season have not began yet and Tampa Bay is already giving high hopes for the Bucs. The big win was set on Friday night, August 18th. In the beginning of the game of the 1st quarter, the Bucs having tough competition from the jump and only being able to score a field goal.  A couple plays after the field goal, the Titans score the first touchdown of the whole game. During the 1st quarter having the titans in the lead, winning by 4 points. At this point the Bucs fans were trying to figure out if the winning streak will end that night. The 1st quarter from the Titans had a lock down defense, making sure no one gets the 1st down. The Bucs had to find a  strategy to make the win. Within the 2nd quarter, Bucs having to make another field goal to be one point away from their opponents. Two minutes left in the 2nd quarter, with the amazing defensive line and Jamis Winston struggling to throw the ball, finally manages to throw a deep throw and making a touchdown pass. Finally, in the lead, 13-7.

Ending score of the August 18th, Friday night game. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Tennessee Titans 30-14

During the last two quarters the Bucs started to pick up speed and became determined again. The titans score one more time and the Bucs made sure that was their last score of the night. Tampa Bay showed pride in their team and the team showed pride back. The quater back and the wild receivers started picking up their slack and made it to victory once again. 

Week 3

#11 on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Scoring the kick off touchdown on the 24th of August

During week 3 they lost the game against the Detroit lions, but had amazing plays throughout the whole game. Many agreeed on the Bucs best game in the preseason so far was the game with the Detroit lions. Tell me what you expect for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season. LET’S GO TAMPA!