New additions to the Journalism Staff


This 2018-2019 school year we have seven new majors added to our awesome staff. With our Journalism staff being at very low numbers in the past, the journalism program is sure shooting up.
Isley Mitchell along with the other seven wonderful majors are so far loving the program. “One of my favorite parts about the program is that I can write anything I want,” Isley proclaimed.

Roddkia Vinson, Isley Mitchell, Ronnyetta Vinson and Indya King

Journalism is not just news. Our program contains newspaper and yearbook. . They both love how organized the whole yearbook process is. “I love the brainstorming of ideas and how we are already on-top of things,” Roddkia stated. Ronnyetta also stated, “That it’s so organized and planned out with the ladder.” 

Journalism is all about creativity and letting your voice be heard. Indya King loves that about the program. “Even though we all work together, we all have a little freedom in our own pages,” stated Indya.