VMA Review?

The 2018 Video Music Awards

In todays society, music is the key to everything. Music brings emotions and all kinds of excitement. Music has now been spoken out in all kinds of ways. Last night (August 20, 2018,) was the VMAs (Video Music Awards). All musical  artists come together and celebrate their hard work and aspiration. The fans were able to vote for their favorites for 30 days. Millions were hyped to cast in their votes, waiting for their favorites to win an award last night. The award, VMA, really means a lot to musical artists. People takes theses awards like the second hand Grammy’s. A lot of iconic singers has won a VMA like, Micheal Jackson, Janet Jacket, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Madonna, and many others. 

The Nominations:

Fans had 30 days to vote for the favorite singers and rappers. Now that the poll is over, we sat and seen all the winners unfold in our faces. Millions were surprised when the nominations came out a month ago. Fingers were quickly to tap in their votes. Multiple singers and rappers were nominated, some were nominated and voted multiple times. Artists like, Ariana Grande was nominated for 3 nominations, Cardi B: 3 nominates plus her features with Bruno Mars, Drake: 6 nominations. And many more were nominated like, Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, Nicki Minaj, Dj Khaled, The Carters, and more.


Who attended the VMAs?

The VMAs was amazing on Monday night. Everyone was highly surprised about the celebrity appearances and performances. To start off with this amazing award show, everyone’s current favorite, Cardi B, opened up the show with a blazing performance. Cardi B was set to perform to show the new comers, no matter where you come from or who raised you, if you put in the work hard you can get two #1 hits, referring to the songs, “Bodack Yellow” in 2017 and “I like It” in 2018 featuring Bad Bunny & Ja Balvin. Many others hit the stage and killed it like, Shawn Mendes and many more.

Many singers attending the VMAs last night,including Cardi B, 21 Savage, DJ Khaled and his family, and Tyga

The VMAs Winners:

Last night was a huge night for a lot of singers and rappers. Most of these artists really deserved the hard work they put in for musicial work. The awards meant a lot to the singers and rappers. According to Indya King, “Childish Gambino deserved that awards. He is very talented lyrically and vocally.” One of the winners Childish Gambino, has been entertaining the world for a long time. Winning a VMA is another way of saying thank you. 

Some of the winners at the VMAs last night. Cardi B,Dj Khaled and family, Nicki Minaj, and Migos