The stress is on for FSPA

Journalism and TV and Film majors are preparing for a state wide convention, and the pressure is on.


Cydney Socias

Tv and film students Sydney and Emiah film establishing shots of Blake High School.

 FSPA (Florida scholastic press association) is a state wide convention where students come from all over the state to  compete and learn. Students from the TV/Film and journalism department enter in FSPA contests and some even go to the convention held in Orlando.

 This is where they enter on the spot competitions, listen to lectures from professional speakers, and learn how to perfect their craft.  Over the past couple of weeks students have been working on their pieces and the stress is on.

Journalism students have a list of categories to choose from, including writing and design. Sophomore Angelo Mitchell is doing an infographic but stress is no factor in this project. “I feel confident in our journalism department says Mitchell. Even freshman, such as Cameron King, are entering contests of their own. Cameron plans on entering the review contest. However, he does not share the same bold confidence as Mitchell. King explains his nervousness saying “It’s not just one or two people, its a whole group of people judging and trying to critique your work.” Kennady Smith, also a freshman cant relate to Cameron’s

 nervousness, she is extremely assured, “Piece of cake,” she says with an air conviction. Smith is ready to “try something new” at the upcoming convention. 


TV/film is also working super had to complete their entries. Talent may be everywhere in this major but nerves are as well for this competition. Sophomore Christian Pruitt says shes excited for FSPA but last years endeavors were a little different. “Last time I got so nervous I puked” says Pruitt. Unexpectedly, the freshman are prepped up and ready to go. Freshman Alex Webber says, “I’m really excited, everyone is so passionate…everyone is giving 100%”. Unlike the journalism majors, tv and film students work in 

groups for their entries. Webber and her group will most likely stay after school to get the project done, 

“It’s a whole production,” she says. Josh Morgan, also a freshman, is ready to show his skills in the competition. “I’m nervous because I want to do well and impress the judges… I’m confident we’ll do well,” he says. Win or not, Morgan knows that his companions in his major will be proud no matter what. Collin Aull, Bella Morley, and Conol Vassar are a trio of freshman who have teamed up to create the best entry possible. None of them are extremely scared, although Vassar admits “I’m definitely feeling a little nervous,” Aull is excited for the fun prompts. The trio notes their great sense of comedy

 as motivation to film both a commercial and a comedy mockumentary (which is a fictional story presented in a factual way for comedic effect).

 Although the FSPA spring convention is not until April, the hard work of students in both the journalism and tv and film magnet programs is apparent. Both departments are alive with preparation for the contest, clearly showing how passionate every student is. Between the inspiring film entries and the electrifying written pieces, Blake High School will have an incredibly strong showing at the convention.