Eagles soaring into a victory

The underdog Philadelphia Eagles hold on to their early lead to beat the reigning champions, the New England Patriots

The Super Bowl 52 at U.S Bank Stadium. Playing football at the biggest game of them all. Patriots vs Eagles. 

On February 4th, the Sunday night football game hit hard on the biggest night of them all, the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the most awe- inspiring football game that only comes around once a year. This year the Philadelphia Eagles went against the reigning champions, the New England Patriots.  The U.S Bank Stadium was swarming full of Eagles and Patriots fans. Fans shrieking at the players every chance they get. This Super Bowl is definitely going down as one of the best Super Bowl games of all time. 

How did the Philadelphia Eagles get to the Super Bowl?

The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t been in the Super Bowl since Super Bowl 39, where they went against the same opponents and lost. In 2017 the Eagles finally came back. Many people were expecting a huge come back and they certainly got it. During the playoffs, the Eagles went against the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC championship game. The Eagles destroyed the Vikings 38-7. Nick Foles threw three touchdowns. After that win, they flew into the Super Bowl and the Eagles took the trophy away from the returning champs. The Eagles fought hard for a dominant and impactful win like this. Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles!

Recapping the Super Bowl 52 Score:

First Quarter: Eagles:9 Patriots:3

Second Quarter: Eagles:13 Patriots:9     

Third Quarter: Eagles:29 Patriots:26  

Fourth Quarter: Eagles:41   Patriots:33

During the last few seconds of the second quarter and an amazing play from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Timberlake is back for Round 2:

This year the Super Bowl 52 halftime performer was the iconic superstar, Justin Timberlake. Timberlake took the stage and began singing his greatest hits like “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, “Suit & Tie”, “Cry Me a River” and many more. Justin shocked and surprised the Minneapolis crowd by doing a 2 minute Prince tribute. Timberlake paying respect to the superstar he was inspired by ever since he was a child was a big moment. In what was expected from such a great dancer, Timberlake came to the Super Bowl with one of the best choreographed shows ever. Justin Timberlake used sharp and  awesome dance moves to amaze the football fans. Many say Timberlake did an fabulous job at the half-time performance.