Her success is not an act

Freshman theater major Brianna Crumby is following her leading actress dreams.

Brianna Crumby already showing her skills. Acting as a caring  person. Being in character with one of her classmates.

Here at Blake High School we have many majors located on campus. One of the biggest majors we have on campus of is theater. One new theater major this year is Brianna Crumby, coming from Greco Middle School. 

Childhood Life:

As a little girl, Brianna always surrounded herself with anything that had  to deal with acting. Acting uttered in her soul and it tells a story while she is watching a film or a movie. The conflict and the plot of the story line catches her attention and made her want to reach out and do the same thing in the real world. Growing up, Brianna always had a passion to do role play and professed to be someone else. She fell in love with the way she puts herself in a position where is she in the spotlight. Brianna’s family members and friends have been big supporters ever since they found out about her talent. In her primary days, Brianna sat down and watch musicals from Disney Channel and Broadway. She also would reiterate the movies and musicals. When asked what is her all time favorite she immediately said, “High School Musical” by Kenny Ortega. Remembering the great moments watching all three series of the movie was historic to Ms. Crumby. Brianna would watch every move and every word that happened in her dearest movies.

In the middle of an acting session!

Now At Blake:

Years went by and now Brianna Crumby performs here at BHS.  When asked why she wanted to go here she said, “All my friends from Greco were heading to King High School and instead of following them, I wanted to follow my dreams. I decided to come to Blake because Blake was the only school that provides what I want to major in which was theatre.” Brianna so far loves the Yellow Jacket’s Hive and is not regretting on making this big move. The major of theatre at BHS is not a easy job. Ms.Crumby’s teacher Mr.Paris had an opinion on Brianna work ever since the first day of school. His input was, “Brianna has been very focused and I feel like if she keeps striving and really puts herself into the script, she can be successful in no time.” It may look easy but kids have to audition to be a part of the next show or concert. 



Who She Reflected On:

Brianna obviously has a role model. She had to look up at someone and it’s very surprising on who she looks up to. Brianna Crumby role model is her middle school band teacher, Benjamin Crollick. Benjamin was a band teacher for Greco Middle School. A lot of student looked up to him but the question is, how does someone that apart of theatre is inspired by a band teacher? “My last year band teacher really taught me how to be a better me. At the end of day if it wasn’t for Benjamin Crollick I wouldn’t be the female I am today.” In 10 years Brianna sees herself as a starting actress. If she reaches her goals and and follow directions she will become very successful.