Five hot spots for Blake students!


Relaxation is a key principle in a teenager’s life. In downtown Tampa, students are lucky to discover interesting places to relax for themselves.

Eddie & Sam’s N.Y Pizza:

This classic restaurant is home to some of the most mouth-watering pizza in town. Since 1982, they have painted smiles on the faces of people all over the nation. Although their style is originated from The Big Apple, it continues to gives us a warm feeling of a “back at home” meal. This is a spectacular location to converse with buddies and munch on a sizzling slice.

Armature Works:

After a drawn-out day of hard work, it feels really nice to settle down and grab a bite to eat. There is no better place to dine than Armature Works. At this circus of cuisine, everyone is able to taste flavor from all over the world. Not only does this extravagant place have food, but they also specialize in entertainment and holding star events. This community of restaurants includes a social room, social hall, courtyard, theatre, and gathering room.

Tampa Riverwalk:

If you live downtown and hear loud music and see people having a great time, they’re probably at the Tampa Riverwalk. The riverwalk holds events for all ages and celebrates different holidays like their famous Halloween parades, Tampa Riverfest, boat parades, and much more. Not to mention it’s a great spot to exercise because it’s so spacious. Although the riverwalk can get pretty wild, there are many times when silence is singing in the air. They have areas where people could participate in their daily meditations and yoga to calm their nerves.


The Great Escape Room:

When you combine mystery and amusement, you get The Great Escape Room. With this heart-racing game, you and your friends can participate in escape rooms with mind-boggling puzzles and clues. Soon, there they will be opening a brand new room called “Escape The Colosseum.” All you have to do is reserve your spot and you’ll be ready to have a fantastic time.

Straz Center:

If you find an interest in music, dance, or any form of art, the Straz Center is the place to be. This legendary company has inspired artists to shine their light and perform with their hearts. This center presents plays, concerts, musicals, and recitals, and other incredible performances. They also have a wide variety of restaurants and areas to dine. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!