Christmas movies

The top three movies that bring the holiday spirit out of families and friends.


Christmas movies that we all enjoy in the month of December , only three of them are 2018 favorites.

Christmas movies that we all enjoy in the month of December , only three of them are 2018 favorites.

    There are many people that enjoy this time of year, the reason would be endless if you asked but during this season people love enjoying Christmas movies. Christmas movies bring families together creating endless laughter of joy. The top 3 Christmas movies ranked to be the most popular during Christmas season happens to be The Elf, Home Alone, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Here’s a closer look of what it’s all about for those who have yet not been able to enjoy a holiday movie for this Christmas season. 

     What’s “The elf” movie about ? You may seem to ask, well, Will Ferrell plays as an elf named Buddy. In the role of the movie he plays out as a baby creeping out of his crib at an orphanage and into Santa’s gift bag leading him to then be raised in the North Pole with elves. Buddy ends up working in Santa’s work shop, as time goes by he finally realizes that he’s a human and not an elf. Shocked about it , he ends up going to New York to find his father but as soon as he gets there his father doesn’t believe that he is his son. To bring the truth out, together they get a DNA test and come to find out that Buddy really isn’t his son. Buddy realizes his father really isn’t into the Christmas season and being the jolly person he is Buddy helps his father get into the spirit. Overall the movie is charming, bringing the family in the Christmas spirit and to cherish each other.

    The second most popular Holiday movie that people love to watch during this season happens to be Home Alone. It is one of the most Hilarious Christmas classics. It’s about an 8 year old boy who gets left behind by his parents and  his eleven siblings. Seems as an awful start but it all happened one evening in a big house full of relatives and children. They all over slept and woke up in a rush forgetting poor little Kevin. Little does the family know poor little Kevin ends up having a blast tricking two robbers from coming to his house. His tricks create giggles among families, being a movie from the 1990’s it is still one of families most favorites this season. 

   Among many popular movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of children’s favorite Christmas movies. A cartoon movie of Jack Skellington who leads Halloween town into a scary celebration every Halloween. Although Jack realizes that he has grown tired of the same routine year after year, he decides he’d wonder to the forest outside of town where he ends stumbling through a portal to Christmas Town. There he decides to take ownership of that holiday and make it his own, deciding to take it back to Halloween town and show his people what difference this holiday could bring. Being Impressed by the feeling of how Christmas is and the way it’s decorated he goes on to tell the residents of Halloween town. The joy of this holiday made Jack show the difference it could make for his residents showing families the spirit we should be in, one of the top three Christmas movies friends and families should not miss on.