Journalism: Who’s She?


For every show or performance at Blake, there’s always someone behind the scenes who captures those memories.

It’s extremely unfortunate to say that Blake’s journalism program has been underestimated and blocked by the shine of other popular majors. Everyone knows dance, chorus, theater, and so on, but what about the major that helps people relive awesome memories? The fact that journalism is all around us and that no one recognizes it, is preposterous. In personal experience, many people revealed that they didn’t even know there was a journalism program at Blake. It boils my blood to see the confusion on their faces when I say, “I’m actually a journalism major.”

What is journalism anyway? Journalism is the occupation of writing, editing, photographing, and broadcasting news. In other words, we tell the world’s real stories. Without us, there wouldn’t be magazines, newspapers, yearbooks, or even comics. The real reason why so many people upset me, is not that they don’t know about journalism, but because they don’t care about journalism. If you take a moment to think about it, all the blood, sweat, tears, and time we spend perfecting our craft goes unnoticed by the people who need us most. How would you feel if you performed 100% in everything you did, and no one cared? This sort of treatment pushes my motivation down a few notches. Don’t get me wrong, Blake’s other majors are phenomenal. I just believe people should treat the craft of journalism with more respect than they do now.

The fact of the matter is that journalism is the foundation of the stories and articles we read every day. Think of building a house. Without the correct foundation and conditions, that house isn’t going to be built properly. Now think of that house as the eye-catching headlines, beautiful head-shots, and even your favorite comic strip characters. All of these elements come to form a beautiful mansion, with the impact ignored. Journalism, as a major, deserves the same respect other departments receive for their work. We’re all the foundations of the Blake house, and without us, the building becomes unstable, and falls to the ground.