Chanting Cheerleaders

Blake Hosts District Cheer Competition

Video courtesy of WBUZ (Blake TV & Film)

Chanting Cheerleaders

     On December 5th at 6:30, the city lights reflected off the Hillsborough river providing the perfect welcome from Blake High School as it welcomed the 2018 district cheer competition. Blake’s peppy and prepped cheerleaders were ready to put on a performance for their competition. 

  While Blake high did not bring the championship home to stay,  the cheerleaders were very confident in themselves and in their routine that was given to them by their head coach. The team’s co-captain Franchelle Lundy stated, “I feel like she gave us a solid routine that we could hit flawlessly.”  The team performed marvelously, as did many of the others.  throughout the night, there were ups and downs as every team proved that perfection is almost impossible to attain. Despite this, every team gave it their all.

     On the day of the competition, the cheerleaders could feel support from the crowd. The audience went crazy for the routines the cheerers pulled off and were very pleased with all of their skills. According to Franchelle, “we did excellent [the] girls didn’t fall…we pushed through.” 
      One highlight from this interview is when Franchelle stated: “the youth could have been better from this school” and her peers at Blake. Although Blake did not win, the cheerleaders still went home feeling like they did their very best.