Fall Reading Review

      Creative Writing majors just put on their first production of the year. As expected from the highly skilled poets, the event was a success.
      Dubbed with the title “The Art Of Existence”, this year’s fall reading explored existential questions like “what is the meaning of life?”. The reading was split into four central categories: Materialism, Rationalism, Mathematics, and Life. They also each had their own colors: purple, blue, black, and yellow respectively. Each category used lighting in their colors to convey their theme.
      Materialism was all about how energy and interactions define existence. It was followed by Rationalism, which sought to explain how thoughts are integral to existence.
      The third category was Mathematics, which happened to be my least favorite. Although the poems were incredible, I didn’t understand what the concept of the overarching theme: math. Some of the poems were obviously deeper than just “math” but some seemed to literally describe algebra. I’m sure the seniors, who planned this reading, had a stronger idea of the concept but from the audience’s perspective- it wasn’t completely delivered.
      The last category, Life, was all about the living, vivid experience of existing. I thought that this category was a great way to end the show. The theme was more broad than the others and reflected the diverse work of the major as a whole.
      Overall, the fall reading was phenomenal. Maybe some of the more abstract poems went over my head, but as long as they meant something to somebody, no harm done. Personally, I think that the readings that Creative Writing puts on are stunning. Sure, a poetry reading could just be a couple of kids standing on a stage- but this was so much more than that. It was a full-blown production, in every sense of the word. Mrs. Curry, Creative Writing teacher, and her students deserved all of the applause they received and so much more.
      If you haven’t been to a reading yet, it’s a fundamental piece of the Blake experience. Be sure to catch the next reading this spring.