Most Haunted Places In Tampa

Haunted places in Tampa you’d never think would have ghost sightings…

Despite the fact that Tampa is the city of excitement and relaxation, behind are hidden stories that no one dares to talk about. Students at Blake High are considered to talk about what places in Tampa they think is the most haunted. The top three places students thought to be the most haunted in Tampa were Ybor city, Sulphur springs tower and the Plant Hall in the University of Tampa.
Beginning with Ybor city, one of Tampa’s well known places as well as one of the places that holds many haunted buildings. 9 out of 21 students claim Ybor City is one of the most haunted places, It is certain that most of these students argued that Ybor City is one of the most haunted places in Tampa mainly because it is an old historic neighborhood that holds many dark stories that are yet to be revealed. The Cuban Club is one of Ybor’s four- story buildings that has had several reports about being haunted for many years, Fox 13 has also reported about this historic mystery last year on October 28 of 2017. It has been reported that this place has had multiple ghost sightings such as a 9-year old seeking through the buildings top window, it is thought to be the same 9-year old boy that had died drowning in the pool inside the building. Not only has there been ghost sightings but paranormal investigators also say they’ve heard elevators running by themselves and lights flicking off and on, who knows what else this mysterious place can hold even after many years.
One of the second places our yellow jackets tend to think is the creepiest place in Tampa is the Sulphur Springs water tower, which was built for the amount of sufficient water to the Sulphur Springs Hotel, however not many think of it as just a water tower needed for this place, many think of it to be the suicide tower and the tower of ghost sightings. It has not been confirmed yet of any ghost sightings since no one has been in it but many do say they’ve heard ghost stories about it. “I heard there were ghosts and stuff” stated freshmen Micah Jones. Only 8 out of 21 students think that the Sulphur springs tower is a ghostly place. Not many have been at this certain place but has for sure passed by this tower many times in their lives while living in Tampa. We all don’t think about this tower too much, but when we do, all we know is that it is still a mystery to think what has been up there or who has been up there…

Lastly, only 4 out of the 21 students affirmed that the Plant Hall in the University of Tampa is one of Tampa’s most haunted places. It is also ranked to be one of the most haunted colleges in which many students think of it as one of the scariest campuses. The plant Hall in the University of Tampa consists of a garden around the certain campus at the University of Tampa which is known to be the Henry B. Plant museum. Behind this beautiful garden holds many shady stories and many observation from students, “It just looks scary, it reminds me of a human centipede” commented freshmen Junisha Gurganious. Locals even say there is said to be ghost sightings of Henry himself roaming around the Plant Hall. It is said that ghost sightings only appear after day hours.

As seen all these places relate to historic deaths that occurred in these certain locations, all these mysterious places hold ghost sightings of the people that have vanished. It has been confirmed of many ghost sightings but it could be an adventure if one were to see it itself.