Halloween Overrated?

Every year people can’t wait for October 31st, Halloween. But honestly, what is so good about a fear filled holiday? In my opinion, Halloween is geared toward elementary and middle school students. High schoolers don’t participate in Halloween like they used to. I know I don’t dress up for candy anymore. The majority of high school students just stay home and watch scary movies, or go to Halloween themed theme parks or parties. Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream are just a few Halloween themed parks.

In today’s day and age , celebrating Halloween is unsafe. You don’t see kids Trick or Treating anymore. Halloween has gotten to the point where you have to go to “Safe Places” to have any Halloween fun. Churches and community centers offer a safe place to have a Halloween experience but with a quick name change (Fall Festival). The “Fall Festival” option is not the same as the old fashioned Halloween. Most fall festivals have set up games were you have to win your candy. If you don’t participate in the games, sadly you don’t get a sweet treat. What ever happened to dressing up and knocking on doors?

Some Fall Festivals have dress codes as to which things they can dress up as. Demons,Witches, Clowns, etc. are not allowed. The costumes have to be family friendly. But isn’t the point of Halloween to get a good scare? Halloween is supposed to be scary not family friendly. It is honestly sad that Halloween has changed from fear filled to childish.

I remember dressing up as spider-girl when I was younger. My siblings and I would travel down the street with pillow cases and collect candy from the neighbors. Peoples’s houses would be decorated with scary lights and pumpkins. I passed by Jason that year and literally ran for my life. I eventually looked back to see that Jason never ran after me. He just stayed at his house passing out candy to kids. Actually it wasn’t Jason at all, just my neighbor. Now I look back and laugh at this, but these are the kind of memories Halloween should bring about.