Golden Mic


Golden Mic flyer Posted next to Ms. Curry

Do you like poetry?  Do you like the energy of a live performance? If you answered yes to this, then the Golden Mic is something for you to check out.  Even if you self consciously shook your head in denial, give it a try.  In the Media Center, every last Friday of the month during lunch periods, people of like mind but different passions and background come together to express themselves by reciting poems they have crafted.  It’s not just a show, it’s an experience, and you can be a part of it too. 

The Golden Mic is a platform run by the Creative Writing department where, “it’s a safe nonjudgmental environment” according to Ms. Sivard. It’s also a safe place for people to go to express themselves and join others with their creativity.

     You can join Golden mic simply by signing up by Ms.Sivard or by signing up on edsby and getting a permanent lunch pass to the library. Again, it is on the last Friday of every month during all lunch periods.  Sorry foodies, no food in the media center, get your munch on while you make your way up or in the cafeteria.