Creative Writing majors share poetry in fall reading

The reading’s theme was “Clockwork” and included the sections Past, Present, Future, and Limbo


Cydney Socias

The hosts of the Fall Reading charm the crowd with their warm and comical exposition to each section of the show.

The Creative Writing Program is known for its students and their amazing writing skills.  On Thursday, October 26, the creative writing majors amazed us with their talents once again at their annual fall reading. The Fall Poetry Reading was a way for creative writers, from 10th through 12th grade, to present their poetry. Each of their works followed the theme: Clockwork. Within this theme, there were four divisions. These divisions included Past, Present, Future, and Limbo. 

The actual show itself was a vivid display, using color theory to evoke great images. At first, students presenting wore dark colors which would offset the lighter colors in the background. Then, the colors of their clothes progressed to lighter shades as the background hues became increasingly dark. Finally, with the last section of the show: Limbo, they wore brilliant red colors standing in pure black surroundings. This created a surreal experience for the audience, whose chatter faded as soon as the lights began to dim. 

Although the reading was for 10th-12th grade creative writing majors, the freshman attended the show. They were seen in white tops with black pants, staffing the event. They passed out pamphlets, served concessions, or directed attendants in the right direction, all with a cheerful smile.  

In the foreground, a dedicated Creative Writing major serves a fruity pink concoction to an attendant. Another person grabs one of the many concessions available. A group of people share a pleasant chat in the background.

 Marley Reller, a creative writing ninth grade, said, “It was great to see how excited and happy the people were to see everyone’s poetry.” It is obvious how much the newest Creative Writing majors support their older counterparts. 

The show in its entirety was a great success. Each student read up to three poems, all of which were great. The writers read their poetry with elegance, using tone of voice to affect the overall mood of their poetry. The audience was on the edge of their seats with every dramatic line read. If a reader used an angered tone, the audience reciprocated with grim frowns. If the reader’s poetry held depressive emotions, it was not unlikely to see a tears in the eyes of audience members.

The triumph of the show could clearly be heard in the roaring applause given at the end of the show. Each student was glowing as they held hands and took a well deserved bow. Although many poems had ominous or dark qualities, the students futures look like they will be very bright.