Australia in Flames- Let’s post it


     Recently, the internet’s top trending topics have been about Australia and the devastating fires that have killed roughly 1 billion animals. On social media young people are posting daily about the consequences of these forest fires but most of the time that’s all they do. The problem is: Do young people know other ways to help instead of social media?

      A poll of 50 students at Blake shows that 40% of them do not know ways they can help Australia. Yamill Nunez, sophomore,  was asked if he thought young people should be better informed on how to help in situations like this. His response was ” Yeah, but that’s not going to do anything you need money not information”. When asked if he would help if he had money he said yes. 

      It is evident that some of the 40% who said ”no” could have said it because they feel like money is a big part of solving the issue, and they are right. According to ” Each year ‘disaster-level’ bushfires (where the total insurance cost of the event was more than $10 million) cost Australia an average of $77 million”. So teens use social media to post about causes like this to send the message to someone who could be able to help. Yamill Nunez says social media can play a big role in finding help for Australia because ”it spreads awareness to the cause.” 

    In these cases, young people do know other ways to help besides social media but decide to use it as a leverage to finding the real solution.